Learn the Science of
Overspeed Training

Become the expert

Learn how to integrate OverSpeed Training into your game or coaching business.

Each level of the SuperSpeed Certified includes detailed instruction not only about OverSpeed Training, but also Biomechanics, Coaching, and Business.


Level 1

Defining OverSpeed Training
Products & Fitting Guidelines
Safety Procedures
Coaching SuperSpeed
Business: Speed Clinics


Level 2

Protocol Effects
Level 2, 3 & 4 Protocols
Ground Force Mechanics
SuperSpeed for Juniors
Business: Speed Schools


Level 3

Level 5 Protocol
Advanced Speed Development
Rotational Sequencing
Lag Mechanics
Business Strategies


Become the expert

Delve into the science behind generating speed with this 3 level online certification course. We cover the history of overspeed training, coaching applications, business strategies, junior development, and in depth biomechanics. This certification uses interactive learning to provide you with comprehensive learning experience. Get SuperSpeed Certified!

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